Hot Water

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Richmond Plumbing & Roofing can supply and install hot water systems for any purpose. If you need a new hot water system and you want advise on the best hot water system that suits you, just give us a call on 0418397667 and you will be given the right information.

Hot water systems come in three types:

  • Gas hot water systems
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Solar hot water systems

Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water units come in two types of systems:

  • Gas storage
  • Continuous flow

Gas storage systems

Gas storage hot water systems store water in a tank and continuously heat up all the water to a set temperature. This maintains it at temperature for a long period of time.

Gas storage hot water systems have a quicker recovery than a electric hot water system.

Units are available in outdoor and indoor models.

Continuous flow systems

Continuous flow hot water systems never run out of hot water.

When you turn on the hot water tap the hot water system starts up and you have instant hot water at your tap. When you turn off the tap the hot water system automatically shuts itself off. This is an energy efficient system, saving you money.

You can include the installation of remote controllers to change the temperature when it suits you. Very compact size, very compacted design, does not use much space.

Get the latest in Hot Water technology.

A desire to innovate has driven Rinnai to create a brand new continuous flow hot water system, incorporating sleek and efficient design with unique wireless remote temperature control technology – introducing the new Rinnai Infinity 26 Touch.
Link to the latest Rinnai 26 Instant Hot Water System

Indoor and outdoor models available to suit all applications.

Electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems are good for replacing the same system that is already exists on the property. There are a range of units to help you select the right electric hot water system to suit your family, office, shop or factory for now and the future.

Less expensive to install than others if electrical connection are already in place, however can be more expensive to operate.

Sizes available 25litres – 400 litres.

Up to 10 years warranty on some systems.

Indoor and outdoor models available.

Solar hot water systems

Roof mounted
Roof mounted solar systems are a combined unit which has the storage tank and panels on the roof to save space on the ground.

Ground mounted
Ground mounted solar systems splits the system with the panels on the roof and the storage tank on the ground to take the weight load off the roof structure.

Heat pump
Heat pump system works by efficiently, utilising a free and abundant source of energy that is in the air around us. Refrigerant Vapour Compression technology enables the heat pump to intensify this heat, which is used to produce hot water. Energy efficient and no solar panels needed. Makes a ideal upgrade from a standard electric hot water system as it uses the same plumbing and electrical connections.

Evacuated tubes
Evacuated tube solar system works instead of a fixed solar panels on the roof. We install the evacuated tubes in a suitable location and provide you with the most efficient solar system on the market. Evacuated tubs capture the suns’ light and convert into heat energy. A circulating pump pushes the water through the solar collector, transferring the captured heat into the water. The heat is then stored in a tank on the ground which continually heats throughout the day. Hot water is drawn from the storage tank into the house when the hot water is needed. Gas or electric boosters can also be included to raise the temperature to the desired level. Evacuated solar tubes are a highly efficient solar system.