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An experienced roof plumber you can trust in Melbourne, Richmond Plumbing and Roofing boasts a team of professional roof plumbers in Melbourne. Every one of our roof plumbers is industry qualified and insured for your peace of mind. They possess years of hands on experience and a wealth of knowledge, giving them the ability to solve a range of different roofing problems. No matter what your roofing problem is, our roof plumbers will provide an exceptional solution.

Enhance your Melbourne home with a roof replacement

There comes a time when every roof passes its used by date. It could be your roof has started springing leaks every time it rains? Perhaps, your old roof is looking worse for wear and is in desperate need of a facelift? Maybe you have been calling out a roof plumber for continual repairs that never seem to go away? Unfortunately your roof can be inflicted with many problems that cannot simply be repaired. Once damage reaches a certain breaking point, the only solution is a roof replacement. Our roof plumbers perform quality roof replacements with ease. If you believe your roof may be in need of a complete replacement, contact our experts today.

Repair roof leaks as soon as you notice them

Most people only realize they have a problem with their roof until the morning after a storm. While the damage may be pre-existing, it is only once rain has fallen that it becomes evident inside the home. If you have noticed parts of your ceiling dripping, it’s best to be proactive about it. Even though a few drops of water may not seem like a big deal, it is important to it fixed straightaway. Ignoring a roof leak can actually be very dangerous. Over time, your roof can fill with water, until in reaches a point where your ceiling can’t hold it anymore and it collapses. To avoid this type of expensive repairs, you must act fast.

Our professional team at Richmond Plumbing and Roofing provides specialist assistance to roof leaks. We have the ability to diagnose roof leaks and repair them at the point of the leakage. For further information, give our roof plumbers a call today.

Roofing services

Asbestos removal

Richmond plumbing and roofing can arrange all types of asbestos removal from your property. E.P.A guidelines and work cover standards are strictly adhered to. All asbestos waste is double wrapped in black plastic, sealed and safely removed from the work site. When this process is complete, a final inspection can be undertaken before any further works can begin.

As with all work carried out by Richmond Plumbing and Roofing, clients are fully covered by a $10 million public liability insurance cover.


Richmond plumbing and roofing can arrange the insulation to your ceiling area with batts or your roof area with insulation blanket or Aircell or Sisalation paper.


Richmond Plumbing and Roofing has its own design in skylights. The old fashioned skylights with the dome covers are prone to leakage and become very brittle over time, leaving them prone to damaged in heavy hail storms resulting in damage to your home. Our design is simple but extremely effective. We built a vertical wall through the roof with an “up stand “we then fully flash all the way around the up stand and install a 10mm thick tinted laminated piece of glass on top. This method never leaks or deteriorates over time, reducing your heating and cooling costs. It looks very attractive, especially at night when you can see the stars twinkling in the sky.

Roof Replacement

Metal Roof Replacement

When a metal roof can no longer be repaired because it is rusted out, you will need a complete roof replacement. In the mid 1970s Zincalume was introduced and then followed Colourbond TM. Colourbond TM is Zincalume with powder coated paint over it. Colourbond TM is the most commonly used metal roofing material today because it is durability, anti corrosion, and a wide range of colours to choose from; which means no more painting. This can add value to your home.

Roof Leak Repairs

Metal roof repairs

Most metal roofs can be repaired. The most common problems with metal roofs are holes or rust. Often where one roof sheet over laps another sweating occurs. Over time this area rusts out and holes start to appear in your roof. If sweating between the roof sheets has been happening for some time and rust holes have appeared, we can install a” slip sheet”. We install a small roof sheet between the two rusted out roof sheets. This can be a more economical solution rather than replacing the whole sheet.

Usually we can track down the source of the roof leak relatively quickly, but some are harder to find than others. Sometimes we do not find the water leak the first time every time and it is a matter of an elimination process. Water may come into the roof area and then travel from one spot to another. In the end we always get our leak.

We can provide you with a free quotation on the following:

  1. Roof restoration
  2. Re-roofing
  3. New roof
  4. Roof repairs
  5. Colorbond roof
  6. Zincalume roof
  7. Spouting
  8. Box gutters
  9. Downpipes
  10. Skylights
  11. Verandas
  12. Asbestos removal
  13. Insulation
  14. Roofing information

General history

The first metal roofing sheets were made was back in the mid 19th century. This material was called corrugated wrought iron. The process required wrought iron to be hot dipped into molten zinc. Then at the change of the 20th century mild steel replaced the wrought iron. Mild steel was called galvanised iron. Galvanised iron was used for most of the 20th century as it was a good material and is still used today. Rust is what kills this roofing material, but if you minimise joins and have a good roof pitch and the roof in well maintained, it could last over 100 years.


Zincalume is made from hi tensile steel then coated with aluminum and zinc.


Colorbond is the same as product as zincalume then has several coats of colour finishes. Colorbond is a low maintenance material that provides clean crisp lines and has versatility to suit any roof type and roof pitched over 5 degrees.

Tray deck roofing

Tray deck roofing can be used as low as 1 degree and is mostly commonly used on flat roofs, whether it’s a new extension or an existing roof.


Our recommendations are base on over 50 years of experience the plumbing roofing industry and may differ from other opinions . All repairs should comply with the relevant roofing code of practice

STANDARDS AUSTRALIA HAND BOOK 39: 2015. No responsibility will be taken for the workmanship of other trades that are engaged to carry out any repair work. I can only comment on the roof as I see it at the time of the inspection with which we are provided. Sometimes resolving leak issues involves a process of elimination and it is not always possible to immediately pin point how all water ingress has occurred in some cases there is more than one source.