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Blocked drains can cause all kinds of havoc, from bad smells to the health hazards and water damage that come with an overflowing toilet or kitchen sink. If you need a blocked drain plumber in Richmond, then contact our team at Richmond Plumbing today.

We can unblock all drains from 100mm to 300mm, including sewer drains, stormwater drains, showers, sinks, baths, laundry troughs, gully traps and boundary traps. Our expert team of plumbers has over 50 years’ experience handling blocked drains. And in that time, we’ve seen it all.

The most common cause of blocked drains is tree roots entering the drain and blocking the flow of the pipe. In some cases, the roots can break or dislodge the pipe. If this happens, the affected section of pipe will need to be replaced.

Soft blockages occur when toilet paper has not been fully flushed. This type of blockage can be caused by using too much toilet paper or by flushing foreign objects.

Stormwater drains can become blocked for several reasons including a build-up of silt or dirt or a foreign obstruction like a tennis ball or rubbish clogging the system.

In most cases, we can clear blocked drains using a sewer machine and CCTV drain camera inspection, if necessary. If a drain camera inspection is needed, we can provide copies of the recording to help you understand the severity of the blockage and help you obtain quotes for repairs. Once we’ve assessed the blockage, we can determine the best solution for the problem.

Clearing Blocked Drains

We use a range of specialised industry-specific tools and equipment to quickly and easily clear blocked drains.

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  • High-pressure jet cleaner
    The high-pressure jet cleaner pumps high-pressure water through a small flexible hose with a special nozzle attached. The pressurised water is directed down the pipe and used to clean the pipe walls and remove any obstructions including tree roots, fat, grease, silt and dirt.
  • CCTV drain camera
    A CCTV drain camera is attached to a flexible cable that is fed down the drain. The camera footage can be used to inspect the inside of pipes and determine the nature of the blockage. Using a drain camera is a quick and easy way to find the cause of a blockage without having to excavate pipes.
  • Sewer machine
    A sewer machine has a spiral cable with a spinning cutting tool. It is fed into the pipe and used to cut through the obstruction. It’s suitable for most types of blockages including tree roots, hair, grease and oil, and silt and debris.

Other Services

Besides dealing with blocked drains, we offer a range of other plumbing services for homes and businesses in Richmond and the surrounding suburbs. We can fix burst pipes and handle all your pipe repairs, replacements and upgrades. We can repair and install all types of hot water systems. And our expert team is ready to handle all your plumbing requirements for renovations and new house builds.

Whatever plumbing service you need, Richmond Plumbing can help. Give us a call today on 0418 397 667 or contact us online.

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