Drainage Plumbers – Kew

Don’t let slow draining pipes turn into blocked drains. If you need efficient drain cleaning or expert drainage plumbers in Kew, contact the team at Richmond Plumbing & Roofing.

We offer a complete range of drain cleaning and drainage plumbing services. Whether it’s a blocked toilet, a kitchen or bathroom sink, a stormwater drain or sewer system, we can help.

Using state-of-the-art equipment such as high-pressure jet cleaners, CCTV drain cameras and sewer machines, we can quickly determine where the blockage is and the best way to clear it.

Common causes of blocked drains and blocked toilets including soft blockages like excess toilet paper, intrusion of tree roots, build-up of silt and debris or foreign objects like tennis balls and rubbish.

For expert drainage plumbers in Kew and surrounding areas, contact Richmond Plumbing & Roofing.


Other Services

Besides supplying draining cleaning and blocked drain plumbing to customers in Kew, we offer a range of other domestic and commercial plumbing services, including:

  • Hot water systems: We can supply, install and repair hot water systems of all kinds including gas, electric and solar.
  • Gas plumbing: As licensed gas fitters, we can install and connect gas appliances like stoves, ovens, heaters and BBQs. We can also detect and repair gas leaks and install new gas lines and connections.
  • Pipe repairs: If you have old or noisy pipes, water pressure issues, bad drainage or poor water quality, you might need to have your pipes repaired or replaced. We can help.
  • Rainwater tanks: We can supply and install rainwater tanks and provide all the necessary fittings and connections.
  • Plumbing inspection reports: Whether you’re buying a new property or assessing the plumbing for a renovation project, we can provide comprehensive written plumbing reports.
  • Trade waste systems: Many businesses require trade waste systems to be able to legally dispose of contaminated waters. We can design and install trade waste systems and grease traps for your business.
  • Roof plumbing: We can detect and repair leaking roofs, carry out roofing repairs and maintenance and replace existing roofs.
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