What Is a Grease Trap & Does Your Business Require One?

Grease accumulation inside drain pipes is a common problem, particularly in businesses that deal with food and produce this kind of waste. Large amounts of oil should be disposed of properly, rather than tipped down the drain but even so, doing that won’t eliminate the issue entirely as grease and oil can come off dishware, cookware and other items and can still accumulate within the drains. For this reason, many businesses choose to have a grease trap installed.

A grease trap is a preventative plumbing device that can be installed above or below ground, with the purpose of filtering the majority of oils, fats and solid food particles from waste water before it goes into the sewer to avoid pipes becoming blocked.

A grease trap is known as a ‘preventative’ device rather than a curative one because the goal when installing them is to avoid any blockages altogether. A good quality, well maintained grease trap will protect your business from sewerage overflows and blockages which can add up to big bucks when needing to be unblocked. Blockages also cause bad odors that may turn customers away from your business and force you to cease operations until resolved.

Waste water is water produced from the operations of a business which is discharged into the sewer system and large majority of food businesses producing trade waste within Australia are required to install a grease trap as part of their Trade Waste Agreement.

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