How Can Tree Roots Cause Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains are a common household plumbing problem with many different causes, but one of the most common and frustrating causes in Australia is tree roots.

Roots Seek Out Moisture

Trees are living organisms with built-in survival systems and their roots spread much further underground than you would imagine. These roots are constantly seeking out any source of moisture they can find in order to sustain and grow, no matter what they have to break through to find it.

Drains Contain Moisture

As you would imagine, our underground drain pipes contain moisture and condensation. Tree roots usually grow alongside the drain pipe, trying to get to the source of the nutrients. As soon as a drain pipe cracks or breaks open, the tree roots will slowly but surely begin to make their way inside your drain pipes.

Roots Are Strong!

Tree roots are very strong and frustratingly relentless. Even the tiniest crack in your drain pipes can result in roots creeping their way in. Once in the pipes, they will continue to grow and spread which can trap debris such as hair, toilet paper, grease and other solid matter that makes its way through your plumbing, causing blockages. Eventually, the roots will thrive so well from all the nutrients in your pipe that they can block the drain entirely.

Should I Call a Plumber?

You may be tempted to fix this problem yourself, however, in these situations we always advise you call a qualified plumber.

At Richmond Plumbing, we have the experience, knowledge and specialised equipment to treat the problems caused by tree roots on drain pipes and will get your drain unblocked in no time. Contact us today for services in Hawthorn, Richmond, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Abbotsford, South Yarra, Malvern, and Kew.