What Can Cause Blocked Drains in Your Toilet?

When your toilet either won’t flush or overflows when you flush, you can bet there is a blockage in your drain pipes that will need to be cleared. Blocked toilets are one of the most common household problems and can be a massive headache, especially when there is only one toilet in the house!

Here are some of the main causes of blocked drains in your toilet.

  1. Excessive Use of Toilet Paper

Some toilets, particularly older ones, can only handle so much toilet paper at one time. Using too much can cause the toilet to become blocked and overflow so always ensure you don’t overdo it with the paper. If necessary, simply flush more often!

  1. Flushable Wipes

Plumbers have had to deal with an increasing number of blocked toilets in recent years due to the popularity of flushable wipes. This wasn’t an issue we saw 10-15 years ago as flushable wipes are still a relatively new thing, but now, it’s one of the most common! Whilst many wipes claim to be flushable and biodegradable in the same way toilet paper is, often that’s simply not the case. They take much longer to break down than toilet paper and can quickly build up in your drain pipes.

  1. Sanitary Items

You’ll often find signs in public toilets that urge people not to flush their sanitary items down the toilet and there is a very good reason for that. Sanitary items are probably the most common causes of blocked drains. They are specifically designed to absorb moisture, causing them to expand so common sense should tell you why they belong in the bin, not down the toilet.

  1. Paper Towel

Paper towel is another main cause of blocked toilets. Many new paper towel brands are made not only to be super absorbent but also tough and strong, therefore are much harder to break down.

  1. Floss and Hair

Believe it or not, plumbers find a lot of floss in blocked drains. Contrary to popular belief, floss is not biodegradable and will not break down over time. In fact, it causes more problems than you would think due to the way it tangles and wraps around itself and other items. It’s also very harmful to the environment and our sea life. Hair often does the same thing, especially when big balls of it are flushed down the toilet. Hair and floss both belong in the bin!

  1. Grease

Any type of grease, oil or fat may be in liquid form when you come up with the bright idea of tipping it down a sink or flushing it down your toilet but rest assured, as soon as it cools down and turns into a hard, sticky solid mass, it will block your drain pipes worse than anything! Even small amounts of grease and oil can stick to the insides of your pipes and gradually build over time until the drain is blocked entirely. Always dispose of oil, fat and grease appropriately!

  1. Tree Roots

It’s probably not the first thing you would imagine to be causing a blockage in your toilet, but tree roots are actually a very common cause. Tree roots are not only strong, they are relentless and will keep growing no matter what’s in the way. If your drainage pipes happen to be in their path, rest assured they will likely penetrate the pipes and make their way in eventually.

If you are having issues with a blocked toilet, the qualified plumbers at Richmond Plumbing and Roofing can help. Feel free to get in touch with us today!