Is It Time to Replace Your Roof?

Due to persistent damage to roofs through drainage and leakage, as well as wear and tear, there comes a point andtime where your roof will be beyond repair and need replacement.

Roof replacements are needed at regular intervals. Sometimes your roof appears to be functioning ok, but it is looking worn. Leaving your roof in a state of disrepair can cause big problems in the future. Flooding due to cracked tiles, broken tiles and faulty guttering, can cause major damage to your property. Falling roof tiles or shingles can also occur and result in safety issues.

Check your roof regularly for the following signs:

  • Shingle edges not being straight – they have become curled or cupped
  • Granules in the roof missing
  • Cracked tiles or shingles
  • It has an older design. Roof replacements are necessary on houses built over 20 years ago. Roofs on these homes are not as durable as on modern roofs and may not be ventilated, which will affect your shingles
  • Other people in your area are having their roof replacements or roof repairs. This can be a sign that homes of the same age are having problems with their roofing
  • The roof looks old and worn
  • You have moss or algae on the roof. This can cause damage to the roof and also result in health issues.
  • The roof appears to sag. This can be a structural issue. Have this assessed with us as a matter of urgency.

When booking your roof replacement or roof repair, choose a reputable firm with plumbing knowledge. Consider the cost involved, time taken to repairor replace your roof and hiring the best local plumber.

A new roof, as well as being more structurally sound, will add value to your property. This is great if you place on selling now or in the future. We have a wealth of experience in pluming and roof installations. Contact us for a free quote.