Protecting Your Roof Guttering from Melbourne’s Winter

Winter is a time when your guttering can literally be weather beaten. Rain, hail, and storms can batter your roof and your guttering system leaving both your roof and your home susceptible to major damage.

The guttering system on your roof collects rainwater which is then filtered away from your home to the seaway and waterways. Ensure that this does not get clogged up with leaves, dirt and other garden matter as this will affect the plumbing process. There are some basic steps you can take to maintain your guttering in Melbourne’s winter months.

  1. Clear Your Guttering from Debris at Regular Intervals.

Ideally clean out your guttering from garden debris before the winter months.

Each time it rains dirt and silt is left in your guttering. On the next dry day check and clear them with a hose and hand trowel!

Stay safe and ensure that you use ladders correctly and appropriately. If you are unsure contact your plumber for assistance. A home handyman can undertake most preventative measures in relation to roof guttering maintenance. Do not lift anything that is too heavy for you.

  1. Install a Gutter Guard

A gutter guard, or leaf guard can be installed by your Melbourne licensed plumber to make this job easier.

A gutter guard will not eliminate the need for you to clear your gutters – however it will ensure that the process needs to be done less often!

3          Regularly Check your Roof

Check your roof for any loose or damaged guttering. Get this repaired immediately.

  1. Check the Slope of Your Driveway.

Even a slight slope can direct water back into your house and garden rather than away from it. If there is a slope, have your plumbing services assessed by your plumber.

The last thing that you need is for your home to become flooded in the winter months due to lack of general maintenance on your guttering and plumbing services. If you keep the above tips in mind, you are less likely to have a plumbing emergency over the winter months!