Proactive Plumbing Solution – 4 Signs of a Blocked Drain

If your drain is blocked we advise you to call a plumber as soon as possible. Blocked drains can lead to major damage to your back yard and even the foundation of your house.

You may not be sure that you have a blocked drain or that your drain is deteriorating. There are signs that your drain is in need of attention. If you organise plumbing services quickly when these signs occur you can prevent some major damage. Here are four signs that your drain is in need of attention:

  1. The Drain Makes Unusual Sounds

If when you flush the toilet, take a shower or drain water from the sink there is a loud clunking or gurgling sound, the drain pipes need attention.

  1. Water Takes Too Long to Go Down the Drain

Water should swirl and go quickly down the drain. If it is taking a long time to go down the sink, the drain is probably becoming blocked. The toilet should flush quickly. If water comes back up into the toilet, or if the toilet takes a long time to flush, call your plumber.

  1. Water is Overflowing

If water is coming up through the shower, sink, bathrooms or toilets and is flowing out onto the floor you have an urgent problem! Organise quality plumbing services straight away.

  1. There is a Smell Near the Drain

If an area in your laundry, toilet, bathroom or sink has a nasty odour, the drain may be blocked. Something may have gone done the sink or the toilet and become stuck in the pipes. This item will stop water and waste passing through the drain, and also will begin to smell. As well as a drainage issue this is a hygiene issue.

Always call your plumber at the first signs of a blocked drain. A block in the toilet, or other blocked drains in the home can lead to a huge mess and an urgent call out to a plumber after hours. If you have any queries contact us!