How Do Boundary Traps Cause Blocked Sewer Drains?

What are Boundary Traps?

A boundary trap is a pipe that runs from your property, all the way to the main sewer line. It’s the last length of pipe that plumbers are allowed to handle before you need to call in a water services provider.

Boundary traps play an important role in sewer networks. They are there to prevent the build-up of harmful sewer gasses which can accumulate within the drains of residential properties and are required by water services providers; however, it is the responsibility of a licensed plumber to determine the ‘boundary trap area’ (usually quite close to the main sewerage line).

Boundary Trap Issues

The increase in the number of subdivisions and redevelopments in residential properties over the last 10 years has resulted in an increase in boundary trap issues. Property owners and developers must ensure they locate any existing boundary traps and inspection points before commencing any works on the land. It’s quite easy to plant a tree or build a structure over a boundary trap without realizing it is even there, and this can cause issues if ever the trap or inspection site needs to be accessed.

Boundary Trap Blockages

It’s not uncommon for boundary traps to become blocked. This is usually due to foreign objects building up in the drain and getting caught at the boundary trap. Sanitary items, nappies, and paper towel are the main culprits. In some cases, CCTV cameras may need to be inserted into the drainage system to inspect the blockage and determine the best course of action.

If you are concerned your boundary trap may be blocked, Richmond Plumbing and Roofing are experts in dealing with these kinds of issues. We come equipped with CCTV cameras to diagnose and resolve any blockages quickly and effectively. Contact us today for more information!