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A clogged sink usually occurs when something goes down it that shouldn’t have! It may have been expandable food such as flour or pasta, or it may have been oils or food scraps. It may be hair or another item. A blocked drain or sink creates water wastage and...

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Winter in Melbourne can play havoc on your drains and plumbing services. Some maintenance measures can protect your plumbing from the cold weather. The following tips will ensure that you have smooth sailing with your plumbing this winter. Gutters The guttering system on your roof collects rainwater which is...

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Due to persistent damage to roofs through drainage and leakage, as well as wear and tear, there comes a point andtime where your roof will be beyond repair and need replacement. Roof replacements are needed at regular intervals. Sometimes your roof appears to be functioning ok, but it is...

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Saving water will help the environment, as well as saving you money on your water bill. We can easily use our water more efficiently. Monitoring your plumbing services and making some simple changes will make a big difference. Here are 3 tips for efficient water usage: Quickly Fix a...

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