Preparing your Plumbing for Melbourne Winter!

Winter in Melbourne can play havoc on your drains and plumbing services. Some maintenance measures can protect your plumbing from the cold weather. The following tips will ensure that you have smooth sailing with your plumbing this winter.


The guttering system on your roof collects rainwater which is then filtered away from your home to the seaway and waterways. To ensure that this does not get clogged up with leaves, dirt and other garden matter, clear your guttering from debris at regular intervals. A gutter guard, or leaf guard can be installed by your plumber to make this job easier.

Hot Water Heater

Your hot water heater needs to be checked and maintained to ensure that it does not break down in the middle of a cold Melbourne Winter. No one wants a cold shower in winter! Check your water heater for leaks and monitor any excess hot water charges on your electricity bill. Have a plumber service the hot water heater if it is taking longer to heat your water than usual, or if you are running out of hot water more quickly.

Your Water Pipes

Have any leaks in your taps, drains and water pipes attended to before they become a bigger problem. Water pipes are more prone to problems in the colder months and so fixing blocked drains and small problems while they are still small will save you time, inconvenience and money.

Heat Pump

Your heat pump is something that is much needed during the winter months! Ensure thatthe filters are cleaned, and that the outside unit is protected from the elements with a tarpaulin. Water in the heat pump pipes can freeze in extreme weather so ensure that pipes are drained. It is also possible to insulate yourpipes against the elements. Contact your licensed Melbourne plumber for further information.

A little preparation can help your winter run without any plumbing emergencies. For maintenance or repairs, blocked drains and all plumbing services, contact us. With over 50 years’ experience, we are experts in the trade!