3 Tips for Efficient Water Usage at Home and Work!

Saving water will help the environment, as well as saving you money on your water bill. We can easily use our water more efficiently. Monitoring your plumbing services and making some simple changes will make a big difference. Here are 3 tips for efficient water usage:

Quickly Fix a Leaking Toilet or Tap

Drip DripDrip!The noise can drive you mad, as well as use up precious water! If your toilet or tap is leaking have it fixed quickly. Fixing problems while they are still small will not only save you from a plumbing emergency in the future it will save you water straight away. Not to mention that you will no longer have to listen to the sound!

Turning Water Off

  • Don’t have the water running unnecessarily while you brush your teeth, shave and washyour hands. Turn the tap off while the water is not needed. This can save you many litres of water every year!
  • Showers use much less water than baths. Take showers instead of baths where you can.
  • When you shower the water first comes out cold. Consider collecting this water in a bucket and using it for washing, or for watering plants.
  • If you are using a hose to wash your car, the exterior of your house or building or the dog, turn it off while you do the soaping up stage.
  • Do not use excess water in your garden or on your lawn.

Time Spent in the Shower

Taking just a little less time in the shower can save you a lot of water. And not only will it save your water and your plumbing, you will save on electricity costs too! You will find that a high percentage of your electricity bills generally consists of hot water charges.

Monitoring all of your basic plumbing can help you to save water. Regularly check your taps, showers and toilets for leaks and problems, at home and at work.

A little planning and some minor changes will save water, benefit the environment and also save you money. Always contact a plumber for any minor plumbing services before the issue becomes a major problem. We provide expert repairs and service to Richmond, Victoria and surrounding areas. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs big and small!