Five Signs You May Have a Gas Leak in Your Home

As professional plumbers in Richmond and surrounding suburbs, we are highly experienced in gas fitting, and all facets of domestic and commercial plumbing, from repairs and leaks to complete plumbing fit-outs.

If there is any sign of a gas leak at your property, contact an experienced gas plumber urgently. Here are five signs that you may have a gas leak in your home:

  1. There is a Hissing Sound

This usually means that you have a significant leak. The problem could be a leaking gas line, a leaking valve or a faulty appliance. Contact a specialized gas plumber straight away.

  1. Plants and Fauna Are Dying

This can mean that there is a gas leak underground.

  1. There is a Nasty Smell at Your Property

A smell that is similar to sulfur, sewerage or rotten eggs can be the smell of leaking gas. Gas has a very distinctive smell. Call an expert. As a professional gas plumber in Richmond and the surrounding suburbs, we will assist with gas problems urgently.

  1. There is a Mist Around Your Home

This is possibly gas and should be inspected by a plumber immediately.

  1. You Have Tested and Found Bubbles in The Suspected Area

You can test the gas pipes or another area that you suspect of leaking gas.

  • Mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid into a large container of water;
  • Wipe down the area with a cloth or sponge while the gas is on;
  • Any bubbles that form confirm that you have a gas leak.

Gas leaks are extremely dangerous. If you have any of the above signs in your home, call our emergency plumber in Richmond and the surrounding suburbs for assessment straight away.

Do not:

  • Use electricity, lighters or matches;
  • Drive your car;
  • Touch the gas controls or try to turn the gas off.

Any of these things could cause a spark and a gas explosion.


  • Open up windows and doors;
  • Evacuate your family and pets immediately;
  • Contact a professional gas plumber straight away.

At Plumbing Richmond, we have over 50 years of experience in the gas industry and as a domestic and commercial plumber in East Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. We are a family owned and run company with gasfitting experience. For expert advice and service contact us today.