Biggest Plumbing Myths

You may know a little or a lot about plumbing. There are many myths floating around when it comes to plumbing and plumbing services. Here are some common ones. If yousee signs of any of the below instances call your plumber as soon as possible!

  1. Water is Still Going Down the Sink,So I Can’t Have Blocked Drains

If your water is going down the drain slowly, if the drains make unusual noises or if the toilet is not flushing as normal, your probably have blocked drains. Do not leave them and hope that they fix themselves! Organise a plumber before the problem escalates.

  1. A Plunger Can Fix All Plumbing Issues

A plunger can sometimes fix plumbing issues. This works best when the problem is small. If there is something clogged deep within the pipes,or if the problem is more complex a plunger will not fix your issue. You will need professional plumbing services.

  1. My Leaking Tap Can Wait

A leaking tap may just seem annoying. Left unchecked it can create a world of damage to your home. It may just be a simple washer that needs replacing, or can be due to a major problem with your plumbing. Always have leaking taps look at as soon as possible.

  1. Plumbing Equipment Doesn’t Need Maintenance

This is a dangerous myth. Always check your sinks, drains, pipes, toilets and sewers for any signs that they are not working correctly. Tree roots can interfere with underground drains, and sinks can become clogged. Regularly checking and maintaining these items will ensure that you do not incur sudden, unexpected and expensive repairs to your home.

Always fix small problems before they turn into large ones. There are many myths around about plumbing and how to fix plumbing problems. If blocked drains, or any of the above instances occur,contact your plumber ASAP to organise plumbing services.