The Four Biggest Problems Leaky Pipes Can Cause

At Plumbing Richmond, we have over 50 years of experience in all areas of domestic and commercial plumbing and the roofing industry including, but not limited to, leaking and burst pipes, sewerage pipes, blocked drains, gas fitting and complete bathroom installations. As professional plumbers we service Richmond and surrounding areas. We are a family owned and run company that prides themselves on friendly reliable service.

When it comes to leaking pipes and blocked drains, you should call in a plumber quickly … before the problem escalates. Warning signs can be:

  • Dripping taps;
  • A shift in the foundation of your home;
  • Overgrown tree roots that have burrowed into your pipes and cracked them;
  • Corrosions;
  • Extreme changes in temperature that have cracked your pipes.

Ignoring leaking pipes can lead to severe damage of your home. If any of the above instances occur you need a professional plumber straight away. Here are the four biggest problems that leaky pipes and blocked drains can cause:

Poor Water Quality

Leaking water pipes can allow contaminants into our drinking water, adversely affecting the health of you and your family. Contacting a plumber straight away will minimise this risk.

Stained and Warped Walls

Your walls can become stained and warped due to leaking pipes or blocked drains which have not been attended to by a plumber. This will devalue your home, and also cost you significant money in repair bills. Mould can form on walls that have been affected by leaky pipes which can be a huge health hazard.


Flooding can cause extreme damage to your home including the walls, the foundations, and your furniture and fixtures.

Invasive Black Mould

Water inside your home can lead to black mould growing. This not only affects the look of your home and is expensive to fix, it is a major health concern.

If you have any warning signs that you may have leaky pipes or blocked drains, contact a professional plumber for a consultation. Dealing with these problems early can stop major damage to your home, save you vast amounts of money, and also protect the health of you and your family.