The Real Cost of Plumbing Emergencies!

Leaking taps and toilets, and blocked drains and pipes can create a plumbing emergency that is extremely expensive if these problems are not fixed straight away. Leaking taps are one of the most common causes of interior home flooding and damage. Putting off basic plumbing services can not only waste a lot of water, it can cost you a lot of money!

Small plumbing issues can create larger issues that can cause:

  • Floodingin your home
  • Damage toyour carpets
  • Damage to furniture
  • Damage to electrical equipment
  • Structural damage to your house
  • Bad odours in and around your home
  • Plumbing equipment damage including burst pipes, damaged drains, hot water system failure and sewerage problems
  • Excess electricity bills if the leak is hot water
  • Excess water charges whether the water is hot or cold
  • Environmental damage due to excess water usage and energy consumption
  • Health issues due to buildup of moisture, mould and fungus in your home, and in the case of toilet and sewer problems, sewerage spills
  • Doctor’s bills
  • Bubbling on walls due to moisture from leaked pipes
  • Damage to your lawn and garden
  • Large bills from plumbers due to the plumbing problem becoming complex, time consuming and perhaps occurring after hours, on weekends or on public holidays.

Check your home regularly for:

  • Leaking taps
  • Sinks that do not clear water quickly
  • Unusual sounds in drains and pipes
  • Toilets that are not flushing correctly