What’s Included in a Property Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection?

Whether residential or commercial, purchasing a property is a very big decision so, it should always be a priority to ensure the property is handed over to you in the condition you are expecting, including the state of the plumbing.

Richmond Plumbing offers comprehensive pre-purchase plumbing inspections to ensure you make the right investment decision.

Water Pressure Test

Pressure testing is a great way to check for any leaks that may not be immediately obvious and works by sectioning off parts of your line to ensure any plumbing issues can be isolated.

CCTV Sewer and Stormwater Drains

Richmond Plumbing has specialized CCTV equipment to check your sewer and stormwater drains for any obstructions you may not be aware of.

Gas Line Testing

Checking the condition of your gas lines is very important, especially when it comes to your safety. Our plumbers will thoroughly test your gas lines to ensure they are in a safe and working condition.

Roof Inspections

Our roof plumbers will assess your roof plumbing, checking your drains, downpipes, and gutters and looking for any leaks that may compromise the structural integrity of your roof.

Leaking Taps

We check for any taps that may be leaking or dripping and ensure there are no ‘quick fixes’ in place for inspections that may cause issues later on.

Hot Water Unit

Our plumbing will check the age and condition of your hot water unit to give you peace of mind that the system is as described.

Appliance Condition

Our expert plumbers will test and assess the condition of your appliances to ensure they are safe and in perfect working order before you make the decision to purchase.

Get in touch with our team of qualified plumbers today for your pre-purchase plumbing inspection!