What Is a Trade Waste Agreement in Victoria, Australia

In Victoria a Trade Waste Agreementis a legal requirement for anyone who operates a food business. All food businesses are also required by law to install a grease trap.

A Trade Waste Agreement is a legal document which outlines what your business must do to meet trade waste legislation requirements. It is also a means of lowering the impact on the environment from commercial food businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and takeaways shops.

Trade waste is any water thatgoes down the drainthat has been used in a commercial environment for food preparation, cooking, cleaning dishes or cleaning the kitchen area. This wastewater needs to be treated before it enters the sewer system and our waterways. Failure to do so can cause huge environmental impacts.

The Application Process

In Victoria, if you are operating a food-related business you will need to apply for a Trade Waste Agreement (Commercial Trade Waste Consent).

You will need a fully licenced plumber who is experienced in trade waste to install the necessary equipment. Richmond plumbing can help you with this. We service all East Melbourne areas.

In your application you will need to provide:

  • The volume in litres of trade waste that you will be disposing of
  • The MSDS of product that you use for processing and cleaning in your business
  • The number of fixtures that generate wastewater – for example the number of sinks and dishwashers in your premises
  • The licensed seating capacity of your business


The grease trap and waste management system will need to be professional maintained and serviced.

At Richmond Plumbing, we can install and maintain a grease trap and adequate draining to ensure that you meet with legislation, that your drains remain clear and that there are no environmental concerns with the way your food business is run.

There are many legal and council requirements to consider when you open a food-related business. For more information on mandatory plumbing installations for food premises, contact us at Richmond Plumbing. We service Richmond, Hawthorn, South Yarra, Kew, Fitzroy and surrounding areas of Richmond.